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It’s a new simple content management system (CMS) built over the Microsoft’s ASP.NET platform, which helps to achieve maximum flexibility along with being developer friendly for quick and easy website development and web application creation. It comprises of exclusive integration and custom control functionalities beside providing support for the asp dotnet user. Umbraco CMS is Multilingual CMS in which you not only can publish great multilingual websites using Umbraco , but also can build in your chosen language with your multilingual back office tools. Using familiar tools such as Microsoft Word or Windows LiveWriter you can write or edit your blog or news pages without even opening the browser.

Customized Publishing

Websites built by good Umbraco developers in this platform are able to schedule dates for pages to go live and to set an expiration date which is useful for advertisements and press releases.


Extremely intuitive, Umbraco is an ideal platform for those without technical know-how and allows users to add new pages, edit existing pages, upload images and documents, set up access for administrators, and reorganize site navigation.

Up-to-the Minute Analytics

Easy to integrate into Google Analytics, Umbraco-based sites are able to see instantly how well they are performing.

Cross-Browser Compliant

Umbraco works on all platforms and allows users to manage and update your website anywhere and anytime.